Thank you for your interest in having Julie Beall, Speaker, Wellness Leader, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur and cancer thriver  speak at your next event.

Julie Delivers a life changing and inspirational message. She has been invited to speak all over the world.

Both you and your audience will benefit from Julie’s personal journey and experience as an entrepreneur and business leader.  You will walk away more aware of the beauty of life and inspired to make changes in your own personal life or in the lives of others.

She is the Perfect Keynote Speaker, Panelist, and/or Breakout Session Facilitator.

Presentation Topics:

Julie brings a passionate presentation to the audience about living a well-balanced life with family, health, and business. She brings the latest research about stress and nutrition and what the average business person and entrepreneur need to know to save their lives while helping them increase productivity in the office. Everything we used to believe about health is now changing, why and what can we do now? While your mind is on fire for business, what is happening to your body?? Learn to take care of yourself so you can take care of your business!

One of the biggest problems in society today is leadership burnout. Our strong leaders are stressed, tired and living unsustainable lifestyles. This presentation helps your leaders take a good look at what their long hours and hard work might be doing to them, their company, their staff and their families.

This is the most important discussion you will ever have about your company. NO, it is not a strategic plan; it is not a mission statement or vision. It is the most important concept you need to succeed!

Other topics and workshops:

Over the years Julie has had great success using social media as a marketing tool. She now offers the following workshops:

Digital Strategy

Learn how to develop a simple easy digital strategy for your company. A very focused and stress-free system to advance your marketing visions. You will never see digital marketing the same after learning a few simple digital marketing techniques. Once you understand how to use this tool, you will experience less stress, be more productive, better focused, leading to easier profits.

Beating the Beast (Big Data) in small business!

The future can be terrifying for small business, but there are many things you can do to embrace the opportunities ahead. This is a must-see  presentation for anyone who wants to prepare their company for the future!

Social Media Survival Guide

Cool and Useful Apps for the Small Business.

How to Develop a winning Facebook Pages or Groups for your Company.

How to get Great Online Reviews for Your Business.

How to Handle Negative Reviews About Your Business.

The Healthy Social Media Survival Guide.

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