After spending years being an attendee and speaker at conventions and workshops, Julie realized organizations needed a better way to increase productivity, sales, career satisfaction, and profits.  Conference after conference, leadership summit after leadership summit no one was addressing the underlying cycle of stress and wellness that affected employees’ day to day lives. She wants to change that.

Spend a culture changing day working with Julie and your organization. Julie will help you and your business develop a culture of wellness, uniquely streamlining business strategies with health strategy. All resulting in a better quality of life within the company and your employees’ personal lives. Her powerful message will open everyone’s eyes and minds to wellness in the workplace like you have never seen before. All of this leading to a healthier more productive work life while increasing profits. Your employees will be grateful to you for a lifetime.

Julie will help your organization:


  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Increase Productivity and Profits
  • Improve Health and Wealth Awareness for a Life Time
  • Improve the Quality of Professional Lives
  • Enhance their Personal Lives
  • Decrease Moodiness
  • Inspire them to make bold moves
  • Inspire Everyone to Stand up for Themselves in Personal and Professional health
  • Give you Easy Life Long Strategies For Personal and Professional Wellness

Programs for Organizations

Onsite Company Training


Executive Health Coaching

Company Seminars

Customized Packages

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